Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Igloo?

The Igloo is an inflateable tent that we can set up lighting, smoke and a DJ in side to provide you with your very own Night Club.

It is 8 meters in Diameter and can be used for adults or childrens events. We also require power to inflate it and an area free off rocks, sticks and sharp objects.

Do I Need a venue for a Silent Disco?

We can set up and run a Silent Disco anywhere you like. As long as we can access power (generator ect) So on a beach, in the bush, your backyard, a sporting oval, in a hall or a night club. The options are endless.

How many people can I have at a Silent Disco?

We currently have 300 headsets.

How many differnt channels of music can be playing at once?

We have the ability to play 5 different channels of music all at once.

Can I choose the music?

Yes. You can choose whatever styles of music you like and/or we can provide you with music as well at no cost.

Can we just hire the headsets?

No. Any event that we run will always come with at least 1 technician to set up, supervise and deal with any technical issues that may arrise with any of the equipment.

Who will set up the equipment?

We will set up all equipment that you get from Skewed Kullrz. This includes, headsets, lighting, effect machines, tranmitters and Igloo.

Can the headsets go in water?

No the headsets can not be used in any pool or swimming events, they are fine to be used still in very light rain.

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