Equipment Hire For event Organisers

Want to run your own silent disco in Rockhampton and Central Queensland? Hire out the equipment you need from Skewed Kullrz to make this possible.

Set up your own playlists and play them through our hired transmitters to ensure your party/event guests are thoroughly entertained.

5 Channel Headphones

Have the benefit of listening on up to 5 channels for different music tastes on wireless slient disco headphones.

Have a DJ playing to 1 line, grunge on line 2, 70s rock to line 3, house to line 4 and keep line 5 free for a request line if you like the options are endless.

Our wireless headphones allow your guests to easily switch between channels to listen to a what they think is best.

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Transmitter & AV Eqiupment

Hire out Skewed Kullrz transmitter & AV Equipment so you can host your own silent disco.

We offer transmitters which connect with our wireless headphones as well as AV equipement which allows you to also run movies through our headsets.

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