Skewed Kullrz Silent Disco

From the street you wouldn’t know there was a party going on – but you walk in to find a bustling party with everyone getting their groove on. But where’s the music? This is a silent disco.

Skewed Kullrz is a silent disco party and event hire service in Rockhampton, Yeppoon, and Central Queensland. We come to your party or event with our special wireless 5-channel headphones, music broadcast deck, and party DJ (optional). You just need to bring your dancing shoes. From small parties, to your large event or festival, Skewed Kullrz can cater to your party and event hire needs.

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Add Something Unique to your Events

Listen To Your Jam At your party

Skewed Kullrz wireless headphones have up to 5 differnet channels for a variety of audio streams.

Each channel can have a separate playlist, DJ or even movie playing for an endless variety of entertainment for your guests.

The wireless channels can be switched between easily by guests so they can choose and have control of what they listen to.

Raise the Roof, Not Your Neighbour’s

A silent disco is exactly that... silent. There is no need to worry about making too much noise. All audio plays through our wireless headphones keeping the noise levels to a mimium. The only noise will be from people singing, laughing and interacting with one another.

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